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State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons, 1998 - Statistical Tables

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Date Published
December 2001
53 pages
Matthew R. Durose; Patrick A. Langan
Publication Series
This report presents extensive tables on the characteristics of felons convicted in State courts in 1998 and the features of their sentencing.
General statistics on felony sentences cover the estimated number of felony convictions; types and length of sentences imposed; estimated percentage of felons sentenced to life in prison by offense; estimated time in prison by the most serious offense; number of conviction offenses for those sentenced to prison; and the number sentenced to an additional penalty by offense. Tables also address demographic characteristics of convicted felons by offense and sentence. Another series of tables report on felons receiving probation by offense, gender, and race. Eleven tables present statistics related to felony case processing in State courts; specifically, number of felony convictions by offense and type of conviction; percentage of felons convicted by offense and type; type of conviction by offense; offense by type of conviction and type of sentence; average sentence length by type of conviction, type of sentence, and offense; type of conviction by the type of sentence for felons convicted of murder or non-negligent manslaughter; type of conviction by number of felony-offense convictions; percentage of conviction offenses by type of conviction and type of sentence; time between arrest and conviction by type of conviction; time between conviction and sentencing by type of conviction; and the mean and median number of days between arrest and sentencing for felony cases.

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