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Systems Approach to Crime and Drug Prevention: A Path to Community Policing

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September 1993
8 pages
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Demonstration programs conducted in Knoxville, Tenn. and Tuscon, Ariz. and funded by 1985 grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance involved what now can be characterized as a community-based, problem-oriented style of policing.
The first phase of the demonstration program in each city was to integrate crime and drug prevention activities into all law enforcement operations. In phase two, each police agency developed working partnerships with its city's other government agencies, community groups, religious institutions, and schools. In phase three, the programs increased their activities and expanded into new neighborhoods. In both efforts, crime prevention was declared an emphasis of the entire police department and thus a part of rather than a separate activity from patrol and investigation. These successful programs used the systems approach and offer ideas for other jurisdictions interested developing programs that effectively combine crime prevention and community partnership concepts. List of sources of further information

Date Published: September 1, 1993