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The Virtual Library houses over 235,000 criminal justice resources, including all known OJP works.
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New Additions

The New Additions service allows users to view materials recently added to the NCJRS Virtual Library. See a listing of last week’s additions below or create a custom list using the date range options presented in the Search Filters.

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New Additions from Last Week

Corrections (COR) ( 5 )
Courts (CTS) ( 3 )
Crime & Crime Prevention (CCP) ( 1 )
Criminology (CJR) ( 8 )
Drugs (DAC) ( 5 )
Forensic Science (FSC) ( 2 )
Juveniles (JUV) ( 12 )
Law Enforcement (POL) ( 5 )
Technology (TEC) ( 1 )
Victims (VRC) ( 2 )

Corrections (COR)

Courts (CTS)

Crime & Crime Prevention (CCP)

Criminology (CJR)

Drugs (DAC)

Forensic Science (FSC)

Juveniles (JUV)

Law Enforcement (POL)

Technology (TEC)

Victims (VRC)