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Adolescent Anger Control: Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques

NCJ Number
E L Feindler; R B Ecton
Date Published
163 pages
The Adolescent Anger Control Program described in this guidebook involves a coping-skills approach that incorporates a number of cognitive-behavioral techniques for arousal reduction and cognitive restructuring.
The program is based on the premise that aggressive juveniles have particular behavioral and cognitive skill deficiencies that can be assessed and targeted for remediation. The program's arousal management and cognitive strategies focus on the control of emotional and impulsive responding and the appropriate expression of anger in an assertive and more rational manner. The training program is appropriate for adolescents in a variety of settings and should be marketed with a focus on skills training and self-control enhancement. The book describes the numerous assessment devices appropriate for the evaluation of the anger-control intervention and suggests strategies for maintaining anger control after program completion. Factors influencing a successful outcome are identified, followed by considerations for implementation in various settings and future applications of anger-control interventions. 195 references, author index, subject index.