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Bigots on Bikes: The Growing Links Between White Supremacists and Biker Gangs

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 2011
21 pages
This paper reports on the increasing connections between outlaw motorcycle gangs and White supremacists.
Law enforcement agencies are concerned that connections between the two movements will expand their respective recruiting pools and lead to increased criminal activity that includes hate crimes and organized crime. The overlapping subcultures of the two groups facilitate interactions among their members individually and as groups. These overlaps include similar symbols and language, as well as shared activities. One feature of this link between the two groups is cross-membership, whereby racist bikers may be attracted to White supremacy and some White supremacists may be attracted to the mystique and power of motorcycle gangs. Interaction and cooperation at the group level includes both social and criminal activities. In recent years, any distinction between the two groups has been eliminated with the creation of a number of explicitly White supremacist biker gangs across the Country. Although such gangs currently have a small membership, they constitute a disturbing new trend that may grow. The names and features of some of these gangs are presented in this paper.