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California Statewide Directory of Anti-Gang Efforts

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 1994
275 pages
This directory lists all known anti-gang efforts in California, regardless of funding source; describes national agencies involved in anti-gang efforts; and provides relevant bibliographies.
The directory contains a list of contacts at State or Federal level or contacts for regional associations. Also listed are the members of the Statewide Anti-Gang Coordinating Committee and persons regularly receiving minutes of the meetings of that committee. Listed as well are the chairpersons or contact persons for local anti-gang coordinating committees throughout the State. Other lists provide contacts for all known local anti-gang efforts in each county; regional node coordinators and other key contacts for the Gang Reporting, Evaluation, and Tracking System; individuals known to conduct academic research on gangs; and regional contacts for graffiti information. Also described are resources provided by the National School Safety Center, which serves as a national clearinghouse for school safety programs and activities related to campus security; school law; community relations; student discipline and attendance; and the prevention of drug abuse, gangs, and bullying. The U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention provides an annotated bibliography on gangs. Provided as well is a selected annotated bibliography on youth and gang violence prevention, community team organizing and training, and cultural awareness curricula.