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City of Buffalo's Landlord Training Program: Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property

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89 pages
This Landlord Training Manual for rental property owners in Buffalo, New York, instructs them in how to keep illegal and problem activity off their property and commit to removing or stopping it immediately when it occurs.
The first major section of the manual addresses preparation of the property, with attention to the creation of an environmental design that facilitates preventing crime, such as eliminating hidden areas and keeping the property well-maintained and in compliance with codes. The manual's second major section focuses on applicant screening that will identify risky applicants by obtaining and verifying specified information. The manual's third major section pertains to rental agreements, including what requirements, rules, and enforcement mechanisms should be included. The fourth section contains recommendations for procedures related to ongoing management, rules enforcement, property inspections, and maintaining records. Other major sections of the manual address an "Apartment Watch" program that emphasizes residents' responsibility for the safety and protection of one another; warning signs of drug activity; crisis-resolution procedures; working with law enforcement; and resources.