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Criminal Law

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David C. Brody J.D.; James R. Acker J.D.; Wayne A. Logan J.D.
Date Published
670 pages
This book provides a unifying framework for the study of the multitude of crimes and rules encompassed by criminal law.
The three chapters of section I present a general introduction to the criminal law and the operation of the criminal justice system. Following a chapter that introduces the study of criminal law, the next two chapters discuss constitutional limits on the definition and punishment of crimes and the general elements of crimes. Section II contains two chapters that discuss defenses to criminal liability. One chapter presents justification defenses, and the other chapter addresses excuse defenses. The seven chapters of section III discuss elements of specific types of crimes defined in criminal law. The chapter on criminal homicide analyzes the "sorting" principles used to distinguish various forms of criminal homicide. The chapter on rape and sexual assault considers the actus reus and mens rea of forcible rape, as well as the prosecution of rape. Special notes address the "marital rape" exception and the use of trickery and psychological coercion. Also discussed in this chapter are statutory rape and the grading and punishing of sex crimes. A chapter on "other crimes against the person" discusses battery, assault, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and kidnapping, and custodial interference. Remaining chapters focus on property crimes and crimes against habitation, white-collar crimes, liability for the conduct of another, and inchoate crimes (attempted crimes, conspiracy, and solicitation). Notes, questions, and relevant court decisions accompany each chapter. Appended case reporters and case citations and the American Law Institute Model Penal Code (selected portions), and a subject index


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