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Drug Control: Highlights of P.L. 99-570, Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986

NCJ Number
H Hogan; E Klebe; R Perl; K Ronhovde
Date Published
18 pages
The Anti-Drug Abuse Act (ADAA) of 1986 is a far-ranging piece of legislation that contains 15 titles and relates to almost every aspect of Federal efforts to prevent and control drug abuse.
The ADAA made substantial changes in regulatory and enforcement statutes and provided for additional appropriations of $1.7 billion for fiscal year 1987, of which $671 million went to States and localities. Highlights of the ADAA are summarized as they relate to penalties, drug control, funding for drug law enforcement, and demand reduction. The ADAA specifically covers the use of the Armed Forces in drug law enforcement, drug trafficker asset forfeiture, money laundering, designer drugs, drug manufacture, drug paraphernalia, sanctions against illicit producer and transit countries, drug treatment and rehabilitation, drug-free schools and communities, and drug abuse education.