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German Youth Subcultures: History, Typology and Gender-Orientations (From Gangs and Youth Subcultures: International Explorations, P 67-93, 1998, Kayleen Hazlehurst and Cameron Hazlehurst, eds. -- See NCJ-180177)

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Joachim Kersten
Date Published
27 pages
This article examines the history, typology, and gender orientations of German youth subcultures.
The article looks briefly at German youth subcultures that came to public notice during the early 1940s, when they were subject to the full rage of the Nazi control apparatus. Post-war youth cliques consisted in large part of young survival specialists, many without families or homes. Youth groups of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were mainly rebelling against what they considered discrimination, and eventually included Rockers, Hippies, Punks, hooligans, and Skinheads. The article discusses youth groupings in the context of youth crime; outbreaks of xenophobia and racism in Germany in the context of prevailing discourses of masculinities; neighborhood clique, hooligan and Skinhead orientations; a theory outline; ideals of masculinity and social marginality; constructs of the enemy in underclass subcultures; and racist youth in post-reunification Germany. Tables, references, notes