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Gun Control

NCJ Number
Terry O'Neill
Date Published
143 pages
This book discusses positive and negative views on the subject of gun control.
The book contains a brief history of guns and gun control in America. The opposing sides of the gun control debate today are most strongly represented by the National Rifle Association, which adamantly opposes gun control, and Handgun Control, Inc., which favors a handgun ban and other restrictive gun laws. The book’s four chapters examine the effect of gun availability on society, the constitutionality of gun control, measures that would effectively reduce gun violence and the effect of a gun ban on society. Individual articles present the following opposing views: (1) Gun availability contributes to crime and violence; gun ownership protects people from crime and violence; (2) School violence is/is not caused by gun availability; (3) Gun ownership is/is not protected by the Second Amendment; (4) The government should pass stronger gun control laws; existing gun control laws should be more strongly enforced; (5) Gun manufacturers should/should not be held responsible for gun violence; and (6) Banning guns would harm society and would not solve America’s problem with violence; banning guns would help reduce the level of violence in society. The book contains study questions. Notes, figures, appendixes, bibliography, references, index