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This packet presents information on Federal gun control legislation.
A Congressional Research Service Report for Congress on the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act presents the Act's provisions, reviews recent relevant legislative action, summarizes the issues, and presents a chronology of legislative events from 1987 through 1993. As amended, the Act establishes new restrictions on commercial (retail) firearm sales, to be applied in two phases. Phase I requires a waiting period for handgun purchases from federally licensed dealers, manufacturers, or importers, giving local law enforcement officials the opportunity to conduct a criminal record check on the prospective buyer. Phase I will terminate after 5 years. During this time, the Attorney General must establish a nationwide instant check system for point-of-purchase screening of the buyer of any firearm from a licensee (Phase II). During Phase II, if information needed to process the transaction at the point of purchase is unavailable, the prospective purchaser must wait 3 days for the firearm. Phase II is a permanent provision. The packet contains copies of newspaper articles that report on the passage of the Brady bill and the effectiveness of background checks and waiting periods. The packet also contains a CRS Issue Brief on Gun Control updated to February 7, 1994. It reviews the most recent developments in Federal gun control, presents background information and analysis that includes a presentation of issues in the debate, and outlines Federal gun-control legislation. A gun control bibliography-in-brief covers 1990-93.