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Handbook for Prison Managers and Policymakers on Women and Imprisonment

NCJ Number
Tomris Atabay
Date Published
128 pages
This handbook provides guidance on the gender-sensitive approach to prison management.
The change in the composition of the prison population has highlighted the short-comings in almost all prison systems’ ability to meet the gender-specific needs of women prisoners. Guidance is needed in which discrimination can be reduced or eliminated by changing management practices and introducing measures that compensate for inadequate facilities and resources to address the special needs of female prisoners. This handbook aims to assist legislators, policymakers, prison managers, staff, and non-governmental organizations to implement the resolutions and recommendations of the United Nations to address the gender-specific needs of women prisoners. The main international standards for prisoner treatment, such as the United National Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, the Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment and the Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners apply to all prisoners without discrimination. However, practice has shown that because of small numbers, women prisoners are discriminated against in many ways and the rules included in these instruments cannot be applied to women prisoners in all cases. The information in this guide aims to increase awareness about the profile of female offenders and suggests ways to reduce unnecessary imprisonment by rationalizing legislation and criminal justice policies, and providing a wide range or alternatives to prison at all stages of the criminal justice process. References