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Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Youth Reentry Improvement Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2011
80 pages
This report on the Illinois Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study contains data and data analysis pertinent to an assessment of Illinois' juvenile release, reentry, and revocation systems.
Regarding indeterminate sentencing and release decisionmaking, this report concludes that the current release decisionmaking process is inconsistent with Illinois' indeterminate, rehabilitative juvenile justice laws. The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission recommends that release processes be reformed so as to ensure that the Department of Juvenile Justice prepares youth for release and that the Prisoner Review Board increases the frequency and quality of release hearings. Regarding youth reentry, the Commission concludes that the current parole system uses an adult surveillance model that is inconsistent with best practices in juvenile reentry; therefore, the Commission recommends that the Department of Juvenile Justice Aftercare Specialist pilot program be expanded statewide to replace the adult parole model being used with youth. Regarding parole revocation and due process, the Commission concludes that the current parole revocation process is not objective and deprives youth of their constitutional due process rights; therefore, it is recommended that revocation decisions be based on appropriate criteria and should be made by courts under a due process regimen. Regarding the juvenile justice case management system, the Commission concludes that the current juvenile justice data system is not adequate for youth tracking, case planning, and monitoring system outcomes. This report recommends that the State develop a case management and data system. 12 appendixes present materials, forms, and data pertinent to this report.