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Inmate Opinions Towards Education and Participation in Prison Education Programmes

NCJ Number
Police Journal Volume: 68 Issue: 1 Dated: (January-March 1995) Pages: 39-50
C A Winters
Date Published
12 pages
This article presents the methodology and results of a study conducted to elaborate on the framework of educational orientation among inmates and their attitudes toward education.
The study population consisted of 79 inmates who were participating in a prison education program in a large Illinois jail. The inmates completed a questionnaire that solicited inmates' attitudes toward the role of education in creating opportunities for positive change, the effect of education on inmates' morale, inmates' perceptions of educated people, whether education is valued, educational level as a factor in criminality, and the impact of education on socioeconomic status. Other issues considered in the questionnaire were cognitive factors that influence inmate participation in jail/prison educational activities, and background questions. Results show that inmates agree that education and learning are important for them in achieving their goals. They also favor more education activities for inmates. Respondents agree that educational programs are important for providing the job skills necessary for varied career options. These findings suggest that more should be spent on expanding and strengthening basic education and GED programs for inmates. 8 tables and 24 references