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Law in Our Lives: An Introduction

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David O. Friedrichs
Date Published
394 pages
This is an interdisciplinary introduction to the nature of law as a social institution.
The book treats law as a complex, multidimensional subject; explicates legal phenomena in historical, political, cross-national, and sociological perspectives; balances legal theory (jurisprudence) and "the law in action," thereby suggesting why and where law matters; and discusses topical issues for which the law does (or will) matter. Among the themes that the book addresses are: (1) the meaning of law and legal reasoning; (2) law in relation to justice, morality, and religion; (3) schools of jurisprudence and sociological theories; (4) major legal traditions and systems of law; (5) perspectives on comparative law; (6) a life in the legal profession; (7) an overview of legal institutions and processes; (8) legal culture and beliefs about law and legal behavior; (9) legal ethics; (10) legal socialization; (11) how law has been reformed; and (12) emerging attributes of law in the 21st century. The book is student-oriented and includes conclusions, discussion questions, topics of research, and an extensive list of law-related websites. Figures, tables, appendixes, references, indexes


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