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Los Angeles Police Department Residential Burglary Prevention Circular

NCJ Number
Date Published
7 pages
The purpose of this circular is to standardize residential-burglary-prevention information presented by the Los Angeles Police Department at community crime prevention meetings.
Regarding locks, the circular recommends that every external door have a sturdy, properly installed dead bolt lock; that an extra key be given to a trusted neighbor rather than hiding keys around the outside of the house; and when moving into a new residence, re-key the locks. Among the recommendations regarding doors were that all exterior doors be of solid wood or metal and that the doors be secured so that they could not be removed by lifting pins from hinges. Four recommendations concerned the securing of sliding glass doors, and a number of recommendations pertained to the securing of various types of windows. Attention was given to the exterior appearance and design of the residence, such that burglars could not be easily concealed from view while making a forced entrance into the residence. Separate sections of the circular provide security recommendations for garages, gates and fences, storage lockers, the identification of property in case it is stolen, alarms, and security tips for the residence while on vacation. A Neighborhood Watch group is recommended as a means of training neighbors to be aware of signs that a burglary is imminent or in progress, as well as what to do in response.


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