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Quick Reference to Correctional Administration

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Richard L. Phillips; John W. Roberts
Date Published
266 pages
This reference text provides an overview of all aspects of managing inmates in adult correctional facilities, with a focus on the policies of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
The policies described in this book can be used as models for operations in nonfederal correctional agencies, as an informative course supplement for corrections classes, and as a reference work for legal or other research. The first chapter profiles the basics of processing inmates into and out of prison. The topics addressed are receiving and discharge operations, admission and orientation program, pretrial inmates, classification, and inmate files. The second chapter contains sections that review daily supervision and security procedures. Topics are inmate accountability, searches, posted picture files, alcohol testing, urine surveillance, the special monitoring system, special housing, inmate discipline, the use of nonlethal force and the application of restraints, the use of firearms, escorted trips, voluntary surrenders and unescorted transfers, and security considerations relating to inmate access to computers. A chapter on inmate entitlements considers inmate telephone regulation correspondence, visitation, grievance procedures, inmate legal activities, and news media contacts. In describing programs and services, the fourth chapter focuses on inmate employment, education programs, and vocational training; recreational activities; religious activities; inmate organizations; halfway house placement; and furloughs. The concluding chapter considers medical and psychological issues, including infectious disease management, suicide prevention, food from outside sources, inmate hunger strikes, and sexual assault prevention and intervention. Chapter notes and a subject index