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Sentencing Reform, Sentencing Guidelines, and Related Issues - A Partial Bibliography

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Journal of Criminal Justice Volume: 14 Issue: 6 Dated: (1986) Pages: 545-560
P B Hoffman; P L Hardyman; J L Beck; R M Scotkin
Date Published
This bibliography of approximately 530 listings focuses on material pertaining to Federal sentencing practices so as to facilitate the implementation of the Federal 1984 Sentencing Reform Act, which mandates the establishment of a U.S. Sentencing Commission to develop sentencing guidelines for Federal judges.
With some exceptions, the documents cited have been published since 1972. Under the nine topical categories of the bibliography, citations are arranged alphabetically by author. The subject categories are sentencing practice and reform; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines manuals; scaling offense seriousness; the offender dimension: prior criminal record, recidivism, and prediction; scaling the severity of penalties; public attitudes toward criminal penalties; bibliographies; and legislative material on Federal sentencing reform. The listings include research studies, books, articles, and congressional documents.