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Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Settings

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A R Roberts
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These 25 papers examine the role of the social worker and counselor in juvenile and criminal justice settings discuss policy and practical issues relating to social workers' current and potential future involvement in these systems.
The volume is intended as a resource for helping social workers understand why the social work profession and other behavioral and social scientists should be involved in criminal justice and the reasons for past periods of both intense interest and limited involvement. The papers emphasize that justice social workers, juvenile justice specialists, correctional counselors, and victim advocates have important roles in the justice system and can be effective in rehabilitation and restoration. Individual chapters examine policy issues related to social work in the justice system, evolving trends in corrections policies, the history and role of social work in law enforcement, and the role of social workers in victim assistance and witness assistance programs. Additional papers discuss social work and probation with juvenile offenders; social work in community-based group care facilities for juveniles; the role of social work in probation, parole, and court settings; assessment, management, and preventive techniques for working with violent and dangerous offenders; and the social worker's role related to domestic assault. Tables, figure, chapter reference list, and author and subject indexes