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Statement of Richard K Willard Before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Concerning Constitutional Issues Surrounding Federal Employee Drug Testing on May 13, 1987

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R K Willard
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Assistant Attorney General Willard discusses President Reagan's employee drug testing program as set forth in Executive Order 12564.
The program has been carefully designed to provide for random drug testing of employees in sensitive Federal positions and to limit any unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy. It is premised on the Federal Government's interest in maintaining employee productivity and protecting national security and public health and safety. The called-for unobserved urine testing is no more intrusive than other routinely used screening methods. The order also contains an advance-notice requirement, an opportunity to document legitimate medical use of drugs, and procedures to protect the confidentiality of medical records and test results. In addition, it requires agency heads to develop plans for employee assistance programs, supervisory training, and referral procedures for the rehabilittion of drug users. 1 footnote.