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Tennessee Department of Youth Development Annual Report Fiscal Year 1993-1994

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50 pages
This 1993-94 Annual Report of the Tennessee Department of Youth Development (DYD) encompasses the work of the various DYD divisions, administration, residential services, community services, public policy issues that affect DYD, and statistical information.
The mission of DYD is to "serve the public by providing programs and services that will assist in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders." The various DYD divisions focus on education, information resources, internal affairs, legal services, planning and evaluation, and quality management. A separate section of this report reviews the work of the Administrative Services Division, which is responsible for departmental budget development, expenditure monitoring and analysis, professional services contract administration and development, grant development assistance, procurement services, property and inventory control systems, motor vehicle management, lease administration, and telecommunication systems. The DYD's total expenditures for fiscal year 1993-94 were $53,078,200. The report on residential services provides information on community residential programs, special support services, youth development centers, and volunteer services. Operations in the areas of community services include probation, the work of the Observation and Assessment Center, and a day treatment program that provides an alternative to suspension or expulsion from school for high- risk students from two counties. Statistical information encompasses the average daily population under the jurisdiction of DYD, the offenses committed, and the characteristics of the juveniles supervised and managed by DYD.