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Terrorism in France (From The Threat of Terrorism, P 213-228, 1988, Juliet Lodge, ed. -- See NCJ-120913)

NCJ Number
E Moxon-Browne
Date Published
16 pages
After reviewing the historic background of terrorism in France, this chapter reviews the nature and operations of terrorist groups in France as well as government policy toward terrorism.
In its historic role as a refuge for exiles from a wide variety of political regimes, its tradition of nurturing free political debate, and its strategic geographical location, France is especially vulnerable to the international terrorist. Principal terrorist groups active in France are the Action Directe (AD), a leftist group; the Committee of Solidarity with Arab and Middle Eastern Political Prisoners (CSPPA), which has specialized in bombing Paris stores; the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), which has targeted Turkish personnel and property in France; the Front de la Liberation Nationale de la Corse (FLNC), engaged in a violent struggle for autonomy on the island of Corsica; and the Front de la Liberation de la Bretagne-Armee Republicaine Bretonne (FLB-ARB), a Breton separatist movement. In 1981 following a period of relative calm, the Mitterand government relaxed terrorism measures, but following 15 deaths due to terrorism over 4 months in 1982, the government tightened policies once again. Public opinion polls in France suggest the time may be ripe for France's greater cooperation with her European neighbors in combatting terrorism. 7 notes.