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Use and Effectiveness of Hypnosis and the Cognitive Interview for Enhancing Eyewitness Recall: User's Guide to the Machine-Readable Files and Documentation and Codebook

NCJ Number
M T Orne; W G Whitehouse
Date Published
74 pages
These three volumes explain the data collection method, data content, and coding information for a set of data collected to examine the effectiveness of hypnosis and the cognitive interview on the recall of events in a criminal incident.
Seventy-two participants in the research were randomly assigned to receive the hypnosis, cognitive interview, or control treatment. The experiment consisted of two sessions. Stage One involved filling out unrelated questionnaires and viewing a short film containing an emotionally upsetting criminal event. Stage Two was conducted 3 to 13 days later; the average was 6.5 days. It involved the application of the assigned treatment and written recall of the events in the film. Data were collected from the written narratives provided by subjects and from an oral forced recall of events in a postexperimental interview. The written narratives were quantified by research assistants who were unaware of the research design. The data in the first file consist of 72 cases and 20 variables; the data in the second file consist of 72 cases and 5 variables. Tables, coding information, and study instrument