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NIJ Examines Drug-Impaired Driving and the Impact of Emerging and Undertested Drugs

The Office of Justice Programs’ National Institute of Justice published an article today detailing NIJ-funded research that studied the impact of emerging and undertested drugs on impaired driving, and compared the results to testing recommendations by the National Safety Council.

Impaired driving is often associated with alcohol, but the use of illicit drugs and abuse of prescription medications may also impair a driver’s abilities. In 2007, NSC introduced a testing standardization for impaired driving cases and traffic fatalities to improve testing consistency.

NIJ-funded researchers examined blood samples of driving under the influence of drugs cases. The goal was to create a picture of impaired driving cases and compare the results to NSC’s testing recommendations. Researchers also analyzed drug presence in blood alcohol concentrations and “stop limit testing” — when a lab doesn’t perform additional drug testing if a sample meets or exceeds a pre-determined blood alcohol threshold.

Title:Drug-Impaired Driving: The Contribution of Emerging and Undertested Drugs
Authors:National Institute of Justice

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Date Published: May 16, 2024