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Sharing Crime-fighting Innovations in L.A.

Providing public safety services on a reservation of more than 12,000 acres across two states is a daunting but necessary task for the six full-time and two part- time law enforcement officers of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.

LA Innovations
From left, Bureau of Justice Assistance Director Jon Adler, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Office of Justice Programs Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matt Dummermuth (U.S. Department of Justice photo by Tammie Gregg)

The eight-person department is responsible for providing all public safety services for the tribe of 700 members.

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matt Dummermuth was in Los Angeles with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Bureau of Justice Assistance Director Jon Adler on Feb. 7 to take part in the annual Crime Fighters Conference. The conference convened senior police leaders from southern California and cities around the country to learn about innovative, evidence-based violence reduction strategies. Department of Justice officials and representatives from sites supported by the National Public Safety Partnership were among the attendees.

The LAPD uses real-time intelligence to identify criminals and adjust officer patrols, spurring a successful crime reduction campaign. The city's crime numbers fell in almost every major crime category last year, with murders hitting their second-lowest mark in half a century.

The LAPD is a partner in the peer-to-peer work facilitated by the National Public Safety Partnership team, led by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. In his remarks, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said, "Those results do not happen by accident. They demonstrate what we can achieve by combining smart tactics with dedicated support from the community and from political leaders."

OJP is grateful to Chief Michel Moore and the LAPD for hosting the PSP sites for the fourth year in a row.

Date Created: January 10, 2020