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Office for Civil Rights — Training for Grantees

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Download Files

Download files for each section:

Segment Title Video File
1.Overview of the Office for Civil Rights and Laws Enforced mp4, 49 MB
Self Test 1 mp4, 32 MB
2.Obligations of Recipients of DOJ Funding to Provide Services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons mp4, 67 MB
Self Test 2 mp4, 22 MB
3.Civil Rights Obligations of State Administering Agencies mp4, 86 MB
Self Test 3 mp4, 23 MB
4.Civil Rights Laws that Affect Funded Faith-Based Organizations mp4, 56 MB
Self Test 4 mp4, 33 MB
5.Civil Rights Protections for American Indians in Programs Funded by DOJ and Obligations of Funded Indian Tribes mp4, 27 MB
Self Test 5 mp4, 24 MB
6.Standard Assurances and How the Office for Civil Rights Enforce Civil Rights Laws mp4, 34 MB
Self Test 6 mp4, 16 MB
Date Created: January 28, 2020