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Review Panel


In December of 2019, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released the report Sexual Victimization Reported By Youth In Juvenile Facilities, 2018.  In accordance with its statutory duty to assist BJS in identifying common characteristics, not only of victims and perpetrators of prison rape but also of prisons and prison systems with a high incidence of prison rape and those that have successfully deterred prison rape, the Review Panel on Prison Rape (Panel) has invited the following facilities to appear at its hearings:

• The Garza County Regional Juvenile Center (TX)
• Gulf Academy (FL)
• Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility (OR)
• Juvenile Corrections Center – St. Anthony (ID)
• W.E. Sears Youth Center (MO).

The hearings will be held on a date to be determined.

Date Created: January 3, 2020