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Financial management

Financial Management Training Webinars

The Office of Justice Programs is now offering financial management webinars for our award recipients. 

The webinars are designed to provide guidance to new recipients or individuals recently assigned the responsibility of financial administration of federal grant programs. An official from OJP’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer will lead this webinar. Please note that completion of this webinar does not satisfy the special condition...

Reporting Requirements and Certain Other Requirements

December 2020

This webpage is intended to identify common conditions concerning reporting requirements, as well as some significant additional conditions that OJP may include in FY 2021 awards, in order to address various matters that are not readily categorized. These additional conditions are used as appropriate to supplement the "General Conditions" included on virtually all OJP awards made in FY 2021.

"General Conditions" for OJP Awards in FY 2022

OJP expects that all (or virtually all) awards made in FY 2022 will include all of the award conditions set out below.

Individual awards typically also will include additional award conditions. Those additional conditions may relate to the particular statute, program, or solicitation under which the award is made; to the substance of the funded application; to the recipient's performance under other federal awards; to...