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Financial Management Resources and Tools


OJP TFSC provides these resources and tools to assist you, an OJP grant recipient, in developing and enhancing your organization’s financial policies and procedures.

For additional assistance or to request individualized technical assistance on any of these or other financial
management topics, please contact the OJP TFSC Virtual Support Center by email at [email protected] or schedule a consultation call with one of our financial specialists.

Financial Policy and Procedures Guide Sheets

Each guide introduces key terms and concepts, provides step-by-step instructions for completing tasks, and offers ideas for your agency to consider when creating policies and procedures.

Property and Other Insurance Coverage Requirements (PDF)

As an OJP grantee you are responsible for providing adequate safeguards to prevent loss, damage, and theft of property acquired with federal funds, which includes having adequate insurance coverage. This guide sheet explains how to determine insurance coverage needs, common types of insurance coverage, and when insurance is an allowable cost under federal grants.

Last update: 4/19/21

Excluded Parties Verification (PDF)

Prior to entering a contract, agencies are required to verify that the individual or entity is not an excluded party (suspended or debarred from doing business with federal funds). This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to utilize SAM (the federal System for Award Management) to search the excluded parties database and to register contractors.

Last update: 4/19/21

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