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OJP Financial Management Training Webinars


The Office of Justice Programs offers financial management webinars for our award recipients that are designed to provide guidance to recipients or individuals assigned the responsibility of financial administration of federal grant programs. An official from OJP’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer will lead this webinar. Please note that completion of these webinars does not satisfy the award condition training requirement for the Grant Award Administrator/Application Submitter (formerly POC) and Financial Manager (formerly FPOC) for an award.  Recipients are required to complete the Online Grants Financial Management Training certification to satisfy the training requirement.

Financial Management Training Webinar Offerings:

As an OJP award recipient, you and members of your organization are invited to attend all Financial Management Training Webinars. OJP has scheduled twelve Financial Management Training Webinars.

The webinars are planned for: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. Exact dates and topics will be announced in the registration notification.

An email announcing registration for each webinar is sent in advance to all active OJP award recipients. Reservations are subject to availability, so register as soon as possible. Attendees will be sent a registration email confirmation upon review and approval by OJP.

DOJ Grants Financial Management Online Training

This training is designed for individuals responsible for the financial administration of discretionary and/or formula grants awarded from federal grant-in-aid programs administered by various program offices at the Department of Justice, including the:

  • Office of Justice Programs
  • Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
  • Office on Violence Against Women

In its 24 modules, this training emphasizes the basics of federal grants management. The topics discussed are similar to the ones covered in the two-day Financial Management seminars hosted by the DOJ Office of the Chief Financial Officer each year. DOJ is offering this online version of the seminars to give you, a current grantee, the ability to complete federal grants management training from your desktop in place of traveling to the onsite trainings. The only prerequisite for taking this online training is that you must be a direct award recipient with a current grant and/or cooperative agreement as awarded by one of the DOJ grant-making agencies listed. Click here to take the DOJ Grants Financial Management Online Training.

For questions and/or comments please email [email protected].


Date Created: February 3, 2023