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Fraud Awareness

Special Feature
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Prevention and Education

Publications and Online Materials

Protecting Older Consumers – 2018-2019
Federal Trade Commission, October 2019

State and Local White Collar Crime Program: State Regulatory Agency Statutes For Selected Offenses (Volume I)
Bureau of Justice Statistics-Sponsored, July 2017

State and Local White Collar Crime Program: State Regulatory Agency Statutes For Selected Offenses (Volume II)
Bureau of Justice Statistics-Sponsored, July 2017

Computer Security
Federal Trade Commission, June 2017

Cell Phone Fraud
Federal Communications Commission, May 2017

Protecting Yourself & Medicare from Fraud
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, August 2016

10 Things You Can Do To Avoid Fraud
Federal Trade Commission, July 2016

Combating Fraud in African American & Latino Communities: The FTC's Comprehensive Strategic Plan
Federal Trade Commission, June 2016

Also, see the Identity Theft Special Feature for information and resources on identity theft.

Other Resources

This website provides general information about consumer protection in all countries that belong to the International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network (ICPEN), contact information for consumer protection authorities in those countries, and an online complaint form.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) White Collar Crime Unit
The FBI White Collar Crime Unit works to investigate schemes of deliberate deception, provides the public with information on protection from common scams, and describes what should be done if a person feels they have been victimized. See the Common Fraud Schemes page to learn about the most common scams the FBI encounters.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices in the marketplace. FTC helps victims by enforcing federal consumer protection laws and by providing free information to help avoid fraud and deception in the marketplace. See the Scam Alerts page for information about scams on a variety of topics.

Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP)
A voluntary partnership between the federal government, state agencies, law enforcement, private health insurance plans, and healthcare anti-fraud associations, HFPP aims to foster a proactive approach to detect and prevent healthcare fraud through data and information sharing.

National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF)
NCDF is the result of a partnership between the U.S. Department of Justice and various law enforcement and regulatory agencies to form a national coordinating agency to improve and further the detection, prevention, investigation, and prosecution of fraud related to natural and man-made disasters, and to advocate for the victims of such fraud.

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW)
NCPW is a coordinated campaign that encourages consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions. Through the NCPW site, individuals can find information on a variety of topics, order materials, and help share information about NCPW.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)
Administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, NMVTIS is an on-line computer system designed to help protect states and consumers from automobile fraud and to provide law enforcement with new tools to investigate fraud, theft, and other crimes involving vehicles.

Tax Fraud Alerts
This Internal Revenue Service website highlights tax-related scams and schemes.

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission: Smartcheck
This site connects investors to tools to check the registration, license, and disciplinary history of certain financial professionals. This collection of tools allows the responsible investor to confirm the credentials of investment professionals, uncover any past disciplinary history, and stay ahead of scam artists with news and alerts.

U.S. Department of Justice: Fraud Section
The Fraud Section plays a unique and essential role in the Department's fight against sophisticated economic crime. Their site also provides tips to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud as well as steps to take if a person becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service
The mission of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is to protect the U.S. Postal Service, secure the nation's mail system and ensure public trust in the mail through consumer awareness and investigation of mail fraud.

Date Created: August 14, 2020