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FY 23 Grant Awards - Increasing Access to Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment and Recovery Services

Advancing Community Safety and Justice

OJP is advancing strategies that promote access to treatment and recovery services for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders, while reducing unnecessary justice system involvement whenever possible. OJP's investments are expanding pathways to community-based recovery resources and alternatives to incarceration, as well as equipping justice systems nationwide to effectively respond to and support individuals with behavioral health needs. OJP is investing more than $52 million in FY 23 to help communities address the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use conditions. Funds will be focused on efforts related to crisis response, deflection and diversion, access to treatment and recovery supports within prisons and jails, and other initiatives that increase access to mental health and substance use treatment and recovery services across the justice system.


The list below includes solicitations that support this topic area. For award details, please click on the FY 23 Awards by Solicitation link on the above left-hand side of the page.

Solicitation Title
BJA FY 23 Improving Adult and Youth Crisis Stabilization and Community Reentry Program
BJA FY 23 Collaborative Crisis Response and Intervention Training Program
BJA FY 23 Connect and Protect: Law Enforcement Behavioral Health Response Program
BJA FY 23 Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program

*Funding amounts do not include congressionally directed spending or continuation awards.

Date Published: September 27, 2023