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Arrest Warrant Information Exchange, Warrant Recall Service (AWIE-WR)

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April 2013
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 The main document describes how to automate the flow of information between criminal justice lines of business to support the arrest warrant recall process; it provides detailed discussion as well as flow charts; and attached files include supporting materials for the Warrant Recall Service process.


This document seeks to provide stakeholders with an understanding of the structure of the Warrant Recall Service, and the rules applicable to its implementation; it gives service consumers the information necessary for using the service, and service providers the information necessary for implementing the service in a consistent and interoperable manner. The document describes the Warrant Recall Service, with information about all aspects of the service that are not directly tied to its physical implementation. The Warrant Recall Service is intended, at a high level, to facilitate warrant recall requests, reviews, approvals, and the warrant recalls themselves. The Service Overview section describes its purpose and scope, capabilities, real-world effects, provides a summary, security classification, and service specification package version; the Business Scenarios section describes the primary flow of requesting a warrant recall, and a primary and two alternative flows for issuing a warrant recall. The Service Interoperability Requirements section lays out service assumptions and dependencies, execution context, policies and contracts, security, and privacy information. The final two sections provide service and behavior models, followed by appendices which include references cited, a glossary, and a document history.

Date Published: April 1, 2013