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Charging Service Specification, Version 1.0

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Date Published
August 2023
Publication Series

The documents in this ZIP file contain information about Charging Service requirements and processes as well as supporting documentation for guiding agencies to efficiently share charging service information.


The Charging Service aims to support the submission of charging information from an initiating entity, such as law enforcement, to a receiving entity, such as a court, or through an approving entity, such as a prosecutor, to a receiving entity. The Charging Service obtains charging information from a particular system and sends it to other criminal justice agencies, as appropriate, in an effort to increase the accuracy and timeliness of information sharing. The Charging Service provides the following capabilities: submit/receive initial charges; submit/receive amended charges. The Service Description Document provides a full, Charging Service overview, business scenarios, service interoperability requirements, service model for information and behavior models, and appendices. The Service Interface Description Document lays out the following information: the physical model, which indicates the actions that the service interface will implement; service interface and description requirements; message exchange patterns; message definition mechanisms; policies and contracts, including automated and nonautomated versions, and umbrella agreements; security; privacy; and service testing; as well as appendices. The service specification also includes behavior model and information model folders, each of which contains relevant documentation, including schema, artifacts, samples, wantlist, catalogs, process flows, and metadata.

Date Published: August 29, 2023