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A Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Parent Training

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Journal of Child and Family Studies Volume: 5(4):415-29. Issue: 4 Dated: 1996 Pages: 415-29
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15 pages

This paper examines an evaluation of cost-effectiveness of a modified parenting program, aimed at reducing costs, to a wait-list control condition, noting effect levels at a three-month follow-up appointment.


The authors of this paper compare outcomes from a parenting program that was modified to reduce costs to a wait-list control condition. They report that costs were reduced by over 50 percent; 66 parents participated. Treatment parents reported significantly greater improvements in child behavior problems, parent attitudes, and satisfaction with family relationships when compared to untreated controls. These effects were maintained at three months follow-up. Outcomes for 35 of the children in the sample who had clinically significant behavior problems before treatment were also examined separately. The difference between clinical recovery rates, i.e., movement from the clinical to normal range during treatment, for control and treatment children was not statistically significant. The authors also discuss limitations of the current study and suggestions for future research. Publisher Abstract Provided

Date Published: January 1, 1996