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Disparities in Segregation for Prison Control: Comparing Long Term Solitary Confinement to Short Term Disciplinary Restrictive Housing

NCJ Number
Justice Quarterly Dated: 2023
Date Published
12 pages

This article presents the finding of a study on, and comparison of, solitary confinement and restrictive housing in Florida and Ohio.


Following a recent study of disparities in solitary confinement (SC) placements in Florida, we examined related dis­parities in the use of extended restrictive housing in Ohio (SC conditions) while expanding the analysis to short term restrictive housing, a substantially more common prison experience. Analyses of 183,872 incarcerated persons (IPs) revealed substantive disparities in prevalence and incidence of placements in both short- and long-term restrictive housing (RH). Controlling for types of rule violations and other risk indicators, disparities emerged based on an IP’s sex, age, race, education, learning skills, substance abuse risk, and mental health. Many findings are consistent with the Florida study and extend to the more routine short term RH. Similar studies will be critical for generating a body of knowledge that may demonstrate the same types and levels of RH disparities regardless of prison system, contributing greatly to RH policy debates and critical criminological perspectives. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2023