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DRAFT Criminal Justice Offender Tracking System Certification Program Requirements - NIJ CR-1004.00

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2012
16 pages
This draft (subject to change) document specifies the requirements that must be met by a certification body (CB) to qualify for the task of determining equipment compliance with NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard - 1004.00, which applies to the qualities and performance of a criminal justice offender tracking system.
This document intends to establish the consistent application of NIJ Standard - 1004.00 by maintaining uniformity in the certification-body accreditation process and providing transparent criteria for the operation of certification programs and accreditation of product certification bodies. In order to act as a product certification body for NIJ Standard - 1004.00, the body must seek certification by NIJ. Typically, receipt and maintenance of accreditation from an accrediting body automatically confers NIJ designation, with no further action required by NIJ. NIJ reserves the authority to introduce new or revised requirements for accreditation as a certification body and to set transition time for compliance with those revised requirements. NIJ also reserves the authority to communicate with any criminal justice agency or the public to address officer safety concerns. The major sections of this report address the general requirements for the certification body; the initial determination of compliance by the certification body; inspection, audit, and testing by the certification body; requirements for the certified model listing; the labeling and marking of the product being considered for certification; the surveillance requirements for models being considered for certification; and verification that the supplier has implemented a documented supplier management system that includes specified minimum requirements. Requirements for the certification body also cover reports of noncompliance with the standard, lack of fitness for intended purposes, failure in the product's use, or safety issues. Appended certification process flowchart

Date Published: June 1, 2012