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El Libro de Referencia de las Huellas Dactilares - Apendice A: Biografia del Autor y del Revisor

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2017
10 pages

This first of four appendixes of the Fingerprint Sourcebook (NCJ-249575) - which provides educational, training, and research information on fingerprint analysis for the international scientific community - presents the biographies of those who wrote and reviewed the book's 15 chapters. 


The call for authors and reviewers was extended throughout the forensic community. The prospective authors were asked to prepare a detailed outline and an introduction for each chapter they hoped to write. Two or more individuals volunteered for most chapters, and some chapters had as many as seven volunteers. Reviewers critiqued the introductions and outlines for the various chapters, and the final selection of the chapter authors was made by the editors. The biographies of the 58 authors and reviewers cover their academic training, job history, and awards and achievements received over the course of their work history. The chapters they wrote and/or reviewed are indicated in their biographies.

Date Published: August 1, 2017