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Kentucky Juvenile Justice Reform Evaluation: Assessing the Effects of SB 200 on Youth Dispositional Outcomes and Racial and Ethnic Disparities, Appendices

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2020
33 pages

These nine appendices of a report on an evaluation of the impact of Kentucky’s SB 200, a law that aims to achieve statewide juvenile justice reform, provide supplementary information on and displays of data-collection tools and analytical models used in the evaluation.


One appendix contains a chart that presents descriptions, start dates, and end dates for events and activities related to the implementation of SB 200 provisions. A second appendix profiles the interrupted time series (ITS) models used in the evaluation to interpret time series data. A third appendix profiles the interrupted time series, linear regression model used with data on the use of diversion in juvenile dispositions before and after SB 200 was enacted. A fourth appendix presents data on demographic characteristics, offenses, and criminal histories of all referred youth and youth without any prior complaints for 2011-2019. A fifth appendix contains a table of coefficients for the Cox Regression Model used with predictors of subsequent complaints (recidivism). Other appendices address interrupted time series, linear regression models for probation, commitment, and out-of-home placement outcomes; and supplemental analyses and documentation on the measurement of race and ethnicity.

Date Published: December 1, 2020