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Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Program for Communities Responding to Sexual Assault - Workbook to Accompany Guidebook

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83 pages
This workbook, which is intended to accompany the guidebook, is designed to assist Interagency Councils in organizing and executing the steps for developing and implementing multidisciplinary, multiagency, victim-centered protocol for services to sexual assault victims.
The first section of the workbook outlines organizational steps for the Interagency Council and provides the following materials: an invitation letter, an agenda for the first meeting of the Council, an interagency agreement, a media announcement about the Interagency Council, and a press release. Section II outlines steps for conducting an inventory of existing services for sexual assault victims. It focuses on the development of a master list that contains organizational components within each participating agency that provides services to sexual assault victims; it also includes any organizations or agencies used for referrals or called upon for assistance in sexual assault cases. Materials include a master list, a referral letter, an agency information form checklist, a sample form, and a responsibility matrix for a victim-centered system. Other sections of the workbook outline steps and provide materials for a victim satisfaction survey, a community needs assessment, a written protocol, a review and revision of the interagency agreement, the development of a training program, protocol monitoring, protocol evaluation, and implementation issues for the Interagency Council.

Date Published: January 1, 1995