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Profile Analysis and Risk Assessment: Identifying Distinct Patterns of Risks and Needs

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Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Dated: 2021
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The goal of this study was to identify distinct and meaningful profiles of the seven criminogenic risk and need domains included on the Ohio Youth Assessment System—Disposition Tool (OYAS-DIS).



This goal was achieved by conducting a latent profile analysis (LPA) on a sample of 4,383 formally processed justice-involved youth assessed by the OYAS-DIS. The LPA determined there were six distinct profiles: (1) Low risk and need; (2) Low/moderate risk and need; (3) Low risk/need with high juvenile justice history; (4) Academic, mental health, and substance use needs; (5) Prosocial skills and decision making; and (6) High risk and need. Results may help juvenile justice practitioners to identify and address specific intervention needs of adjudicated youth. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2021