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ASCLD Accreditation Initiative

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The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) developed this toolkit to assist crime laboratories in achieving accreditation based on international standards



The toolkit provides information on each forensic accreditation standard, along with profiles of the missions and resources of various organizations that can assist in the accreditation process. The toolkit also explains why accreditation is important for a crime laboratory, with attention to the types of risk that can be mitigated through accreditation. Information is provided on costs associated with the accreditation process  and ways to expedite the time for achieving accreditation. Links are provided to documents and templates for each step of the accreditation process. Guidance is provided for each of the following 14 steps in the accreditation process: 1) interview and acceptance of the accreditation process; 2) completion of the lab application survey; 3) notice of acceptance into the accreditation process; 4) assignment of a mentor; 5) the accreditation program review; 6) laboratory training; 7) the mentor visit to the lab; 8) mentor preparation of the lab for an internal audit; 9) the lab internal audit; 10) mentor re-assessment; 11) submission of the application package to an accrediting body; 12) assessment and results; 13) achievement of accreditation; and 14) the ASCLD surveys the lab regarding the accreditation experience.