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Future of Netcrime Now: Part 1--Threats and Challenges

NCJ Number
Sheridan Morris
Date Published
53 pages
Relying on insights and recommendations from a panel of experts, this British study examined criminal threats and associated technological challenges related to the Internet.
New forms of older crimes, such as fraud, are identified, as the Internet has magnified offenders' access to potential victims. The increasing threat of new forms of crimes, such as computer viruses and computer hacking, are also identified. Among the criminal threats discussed in some detail are money laundering, fraud and theft, extortion, and espionage. Among the technology challenges discussed are the vulnerability of broadband users to viruses and hacking; the role of peer-to-peer platforms in the distribution of illegal content; the risks posed by portable communication and computing devices; the vulnerabilities of wireless networks; anonymity as a haven for offenders; the development of foolproof authentication mechanisms; and the misuse of data mining, which is the automated searching of large data stores for patterns or specific pieces of information. A common theme from the panel of experts is the inherent potential of new information and communication technology to be misused in ways unforeseen by developers and service providers. Whereas this first part of a two-part presentation has focused on the threats to and technological challenges for the Internet, Part 2 will address responses to these threats and challenges. 17 tables, 3 figures, and 55 references