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Navajo County Gang Threat Assessment 2009

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2011
16 pages
This report presents the findings from the Arizona Statistical Analysis Center's 2010 survey of law enforcement officers in the State regarding gangs and gang activity within their jurisdictions, with attention to Navajo County.
Issues addressed in the survey were the presence of gangs in the jurisdictions, the level of gang activity, the involvement of gang members in crime and illegal drug distribution, the extent of cross-gang coordination, and law enforcement strategies that target gang members. All four of the Navajo County law enforcement agencies that responded to the survey in 2010 reported an active gang presence in their jurisdictions. Of the agencies that reported at least one active gang, three agencies estimated the number of gang members within their jurisdictions. The three agencies estimated that there were 315 active gang members across their jurisdictions. Three of the four agencies in Navajo County that reported a gang presence also reported that gangs were expanding their membership and scope of activities. Three of the responding agencies indicate that gang activity had increased during the previous 6 months, and all agencies reported that gang activity had increased slightly in the past 12 months. When asked about the last 5 years, one agency reported that gang activity had increased significantly, and the remaining agencies indicated that gang activity had increased slightly. Half of the responding agencies reported that gangs had a high level of involvement in the distribution of marijuana. One agency reported high involvement in the distribution of heroin and methamphetamine. The Crips was identified as the only gang having a high level of involvement in Navajo County. All four agencies reported moderate involvement of the Hispanic Surenios (SUR 13), and other gangs had moderate involvement in a number of jurisdictions. When asked about gang intervention strategies, all responding agencies identified enforcement and the Gang Intelligence and Immigration Team Enforcement Mission (GITTEM) as the most effective strategies in responding to gangs and gang activity in their jurisdictions. 8 tables and 3 figures