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Production of Media (From Nachwuchswerbung fuer den Polizeivollzugsdienst, P 47-59 - See NCJ-80610)

NCJ Number
K H Gunst
Date Published
12 pages
The production and use of various types of audiovisual aids in police public relations work are described with emphasis on the coordination of image and text in this German article.
A distinction is made between slide shows using a single projector and those in which multiple images can be projected at once. Advantages of the former are in the area of information communication and retention. A consecutive series of still photographs accompanied by a synchronized audiotape of commentary is an excellent medium for transmitting substantive information and can be produced without professional media expertise. The multiprojection, however, is preferable if the message to be conveyed is one of impressions. The uninterrupted flow of images creates an illusion of movement and action which can be further enhanced though musical audio effects. The versatility of multivision exposes viewers to many more images and creates relationships between images -- of reinforcement, contrast, perspective, etc. A step-by-step account is given of the police and media expert cooperation in producing two slide shows for police propaganda purposes. The first, designed for use in schools, was recruitment oriented and required a single projector with an 'overblend' capability. The second, produced for the general public, was an ambitious undertaking using 16 projectors. The theme of both was the police and security. The text contains numerous quotes from the commentaries written for these productions. A disadvantage of this type of production for the police is the high cost of photography, which must capture the many-sided, action-filled character of police work. To produce a large-scale, multimedia program, services of audiovisual professionals are required.