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Quiet Threat: Fighting Industrial Espionage in America, Second Edition

NCJ Number
Ronald L. Mendell, M.S., CISSP, C.L.I.
Date Published
271 pages
This book identifies the various ways in which the industrial spy obtains a business's secure information in order to gain an advantage or compete more successfully in the international marketplace, and guidance is provided for mounting both offensive and defensive measures against these spying methods.
Two chapters examine the perspectives of power and politics in industrial spying. Another two chapters address knowledge techniques, such as competitive technical intelligence, patent analysis, and exploiting open-information sources. Three chapters review the origins of industrial spying in England and America. These chapters describe the techniques industrial spies have used since the Age of Shakespeare. One chapter discusses the traditional countermeasures that are the foundation of American industrial security doctrine, as well as how an industrial spy might view these measures. Two chapters discuss security methods that supplement physical security. They focus on internal and external intelligence collection. Another chapter discusses the investigation of industrial espionage cases, with attention to the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the building of evidence in such investigations. A separate chapter on the industrial spy's "tradecraft" explains the practical side of spying in the business sector. The concluding chapter discusses the use of "data mining" in corporate espionage. This involves techniques of searching for and locating information on the Web and in specialized databases. Following the main text, a Chronology of Anglo-American industrial espionage is presented, along with chapter notes, a master checklist, a glossary, an outline on "Planning an Intelligence Operation Against a Target," and a "Sample Report for Strategic Intelligence on a Target."