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Santa Cruz County Gang Threat Assessment 2009

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This report provides Santa Cruz County (Arizona) and statewide results from a 2009 survey of Arizona law enforcement agencies regarding gangs and gang activity.
The single Santa Cruz County law enforcement agency that responded to the survey reported an active gang presence in its jurisdiction in 2009; the agency was not able to provide an estimate of the number of gang members in its jurisdiction. The agency reported that gangs were not expanding in membership or the scope of their activities in 2009; and gang activity did not change during the previous 6 months; however, activity increased slightly in the prior 1-year and 5-year periods. The gangs were reported to have a moderate level of involvement in vandalism, graffiti, and tagging, but a low level of involvement in burglary and intimidation/extortion. Gangs were indicated to be involved in property crimes and drug sales. In the latter case, there was a moderate level of gang involvement in the distribution of marijuana and MDMA and a low level of involvement in the distribution of powdered cocaine. The agency's gang-prevention and intervention strategies include community programs for youth at-risk for gangs, law enforcement, gang crime/intelligence data analyses, the Gang Intelligence and Immigration Team Enforcement Mission (GITTEM), joint efforts with other agencies, and school programs. 3 figures and 8 tables