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Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act Substantial Implementation Checklist

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2008
22 pages
This checklist walks jurisdictions through the process of complying with the provisions of the Federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).
Users are instructed to indicate in the check-mark spaces next to each individual item the specific location (page number) where that item will be found in their submission to the SMART Office, which is administers compliance with SORNA provisions. The first section addresses terminology, defining terms used in SORNA provisions to ensure that submissions by jurisdictions use the terms as intended. The checklist's second section focuses on offenses that must be included in the jurisdiction's sex offender registry. SORNA specifies the "sex offenses" which, if in existence in a jurisdiction, must be included in any jurisdictional registration scheme. The third section of the checklist focuses on the "tiering of offenses." Once a jurisdiction determines the sex offense that will require registration, it must decide at what "level" of registration those convicted of each offense must register. SORNA establishes a baseline or minimum standard through a three-tier classification system. The fourth section contains a checklist for required registration information. The fifth section addresses where registration is required (where incarcerated, where convicted, or where the registrant lives). The sixth section pertains to the initial registration (timing and jurisdictional duties). Remaining sections focus on initial registration (retroactive classes of offenders); keeping the registration current; verification/appearance requirements; registry website requirements; community notification; failure to register as a sex offender (State penalty); when a sex offender fails to appear for registration; and when a jurisdiction has information that a sex offender may have absconded.