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The Utah Model: A Path Forward for Investigating and Building Resilience to Cyber Crime

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 2017
107 pages
This report examines the challenges faced by the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) in developing and implementing a plan (the Utah Model) for conducting investigations of crime perpetrated through the Internet (cyber crime), analyzing cyber intelligence, and studying the ramifications of cyber crimes for emergency management and critical infrastructure.
The main topics discussed are the need for States to work with the Federal Government in developing a strategy for preventing and investigating cyber crimes against residents, businesses/organizations, government entities, and infrastructure; how to build a cyber program; understanding the distinctive nature of cyber crime; leveraging partnerships; and incorporating cyber capabilities into an existing homeland security framework. In discussing how to build a cyber program, advice includes defining "cyber crime" and determining the scope of a program to counter it; prioritizing cyber cases so resources are used efficiently and effectively; and educating stakeholders to maximize resources. Advice pertinent to understanding the distinctive nature of cyber crime is to change from "reactive" to "proactive" policing requires a change in thinking; cyber investigations can require more time than other major investigations; and cyber units have unique personnel and management issues. Advice related to leveraging partnerships includes the value of partnering with the FBI; the unique challenges of cyber cases that involve international actors; and the importance of partnering with the private sector. Advice for incorporating cyber capabilities into an existing homeland security framework includes considering cyber issues when planning for critical infrastructure resilience and creating a cyber-incident response plan that is tested through "tabletop" exercises. 2 figures, extensive notes, and appended Utah Cyber Incident Response Plan